Upon buying your classic automobile you will have the options of how you take possession of the vehicle and how to get it to your house or business. Whether it is a move across the state, across the country or internationally, we can help you.


We recommend a bonded, licensed and insured shipping company. They will always save you personal travel time, motels, flights and food expenses. Many of the shipping companies offer an enclosed transport freeing the classic car you just purchased of dust, rain and road hazards. The choice is yours of what type to choose from that will fit your budget and needs.

International shipping can be arranged by these shipping experts that will save you time, expenses and red tape. They will assist you with exporting, taxes and custom duties that can limit the bureaucracy to a minimum. Its what they do! If it is door to door delivery, terminal delivery or whatever you choose, our sales people will gladly recommend various shipping companies.


We have no vested interest in any shipping company but will help point you in the right direction if you wish. That said, your final decision will be between you and the shipping company on pick up, type of carrier and delivery date. Then, just sit back with no worries and watch us market and sell your classic muscle or hot rod car! Classic Cars of Sarasota has sold to every country in the world!